Curtain Rod

What is a curtain rod?
Furniture decoration for hanging curtains, can be curtain rod, curtain rail, curtain rod or cross rod. Usually above a window or along the edge of a shower or bath, but of course anywhere curtains might be used. When found in bathrooms, curtain rods tend to be retractable and self-fixing, while in other parts of the home, curtain rods are usually affixed with decorative brackets or ends. Special bars can be made for bay Windows, or by connecting some straight and corner bends to fit the shape of the bay Windows.


What is curtain rod called?

Curtain rod, Curtain rail, Curtain pole.



What are the curtain rods made of?

Curtain rods come in countless styles and designs, but they can only be made of wood or metal materials. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Metallic curtain rod

Metallic curtain rod has a wide market in the world, iron, aluminum alloy is a very common material. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of metal curtain rod.


Advantages of a metallic curtain rod

  • With a metallic curtain rod you have the choice of a variety of dramatic color options.
  • Strength and durability. Metallic curtain rods are strong, and have the capability to hold more weight.
  • Metallic curtains such as gold-toned curtain rods can be used to complement traditional interior decors.

Disadvantages of a metallic curtain rod

  • Metallic curtain rods may rust in damp weather and will require regular refinishing.


Wooden Curtain rod

In addition to metal, wood is also a common material used in curtain poles. Similarly, the wooden curtain rod also has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a wooden curtain rod.

  • Wooden curtain rods provide a more natural look.
  • Wooden curtain rods are less expensive as compared to metallic curtain rods.
  • Wooden curtain rods can be pre finished in a large variety of paints and stains.

Disadvantages of a wooden curtain rod

  • They are not as strong and as durable as metallic curtain rods.


What type of curtain rods are best?

When choosing curtain rod, we need to pay attention to the following points. As long as you choose according to this, you will be able to choose the best curtain rod.

1. Wall thickness of curtain rod
Conventional metal curtain rods are hollow inside, so the thicker the wall, the better.
Wooden pole is usually solid wood pole, the larger the diameter of its weight is, the greater will occupy the bearing capacity of the bracket, so the diameter of the wooden pole is best between 19mm and 28mm, the largest diameter is not easy to exceed 35mm.

2. Number of bracket

Bracket is the main part of curtain rod bearing capacity, the more bracket, the better bearing capacity.
However, considering the customer's purchase cost, we suggest 2 supports for 1 meter, and then add a support for every additional meter.


What is the price range for Curtain Rods?

The price of curtain rod is related to the material, length, diameter and other factors of curtain rod.
1. Whether it is an electric curtain rod/electric track.
If the rod and rail are electric, they usually cost about $200, which is the most expensive curtain rod product.
2. Material difference
Basic aluminum curtain rods will be more expensive than iron ones, and wood will be more expensive than both.
3. Diameter and length
The larger the diameter and length of the curtain rod, the higher the price of the curtain rod.


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