Our Service

Our Service

Hangzhou Baihong Hardware Co., Ltd. Founded in1998, we are the professional mamufacturer of curtain rodand some other related accessories for home decoration. We specialized in manufacturing curtain rod, curtain finial and someother related accessories. So far, we have collected much experience inexporting our products to Foreign Market during the past years. We integrited mould-developing, diecasting-process,surface-treatmentand packing finished products, so we can ensure high quality and competitive price. We insist on the opinion that quality is the soul and efficiency is the engineof a factory, so we always try our best to ensure the quality and improve theefficiency to guarantee the date of shippment. We can provide different design to meet different market.


We have the most popular curtain rod design, we can also customize the style, packaging, labels and other details for you

Products Sampling

To ensure 100% accuracy and satisfaction with your order, we get you samples in hand at two stages of the manufacturing process.Before placing an order, before mass production


As needed, we can arrange independent testing and serification with the 3rd-party provider of your choice.


Great care is taken to be certain your shipment is packed precisely the way you want it, regardless of whether it is for sample or full container of goods.


From concept to the moment it reaches your hands, We will arrange all the procedures under FOB.


We maintain a keen focus after order shipment, utilizing feedback for your sake and for our internal process improvement .

Quality Control

We hold raw material suppliers and working partners to high expectations. Our service includes us going on-site to providers to conduct inspections throughout their manufacturing processes, while still requiring full QC rigor from them internally.At a minimum, checks are made at Raw Material Delivery, Pre-production, Production, Preshipment.

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