If the curtain rod is not selected well, the curtain will be useless!

Knowledge of curtain rod classification

People often pay attention to the choice of curtains, and ignore the choice of curtain rod.There are a variety of curtains on the market, and the same is true of the curtain rod. If the quality and style of the curtain rod are not appropriate, the curtain rod should be selected.

  • Category 1: open shot vs dark shot

Curtain rods are mainly divided into two categories: bright rod and dark rod

Flat pole: The color and decorative head of the pole can be seen.

Dark rod: contrary to the bright rod, it is generally placed in the decorative box and not seen

  • Category 2: Single Track vs Double Track

Curtain rod according to the structure can be divided into monorail and double track or even multi-track, as the name suggests, monorail can only hang a curtain.

And double track can install two sides, one side installs screen window, one side installs thick curtain, convenient use.And owners can choose according to their own needs.

  • Material of curtain rod

The material of curtain rod is mainly made of metal and wood. The metal curtain rod gives a strong and robust visual effect. The decorative cloth of silk or yarn is used in the bedroom with strong and soft contrast.The curtain rod of wooden carving gives a person a warm and moist sense of fullness, which is not limited by the range and collocation style.

Aluminum window bar for purchase

Aluminum window bar is a common window bar material on the market. When choosing, focus on the wall thickness of the window bar. A good tube wall is relatively thick to 1.5mm-2mm.

See the design that pull an annulus next, the pull annulus that poor window pole uses regenerative plastic, manufacture technology is coarsely.

Solid wood window bar for purchase

Solid wood window pole is more common also, color is diverse, can divide by kind transparent color and cover color 2 kinds, basically want to see the processing of the surface, whether smooth, paint whether even, the shape of adornment head is symmetrical etc.

Real wood adornment rail has take sound elimination strip and do not take sound elimination strip 2 kinds.If more open and close, it is recommended to choose with a muffler.

Iron window bar for purchase

Iron window rod surface treatment with spraying, electroplating.When choosing, we mainly check the quality of spraying and electroplating, the thickness of the steel plate of the installation rack, and the thickness of the pipe wall, etc.

Be ready for curtain rod installation

The installation method of the bright rod and the dark rod is not much different, basically in accordance with the assembly, positioning, fixed process.Let's take a look at the general process and method of curtain rod installation.

  • The way a curtain rod hangs a curtain

Curtain rods are divided into those with and without hanging rings.The curtain rod that has a hanging ring is used to hang the curtain that is processed by cloth belt directly, hang the curtain that has done a good job directly on four feet hook to go up.

The curtain rod that does not hang the ring is mainly used to hang the curtain that perforates processing or wears rod to process.Curtain rods with hanging rings need to be assembled before installation.