Select curtain rods

Because he already is in inadvertently leak the delicate that gives stylist, exquisite and clever.....When you carefully choose curtain fabric, do you realize that the choice of curtain rod is also very important?Better use will be your whole bedroom design lit up the light of personality!Because the exquisite control is from you to start.......

First, the type of curtain rod

According to whether the curtain rod can be seen can be divided into two categories: bright rod and dark rod: bright rod is the curtain rod that can see the color of the rod and the decorative head (commonly known as flower head) modeling.

Because it accords with contemporary society in "decorate light, heavy adornment" popular trend, be welcomed by more and more domestic place and accept.

Dark pole and bright pole contrary, often put in the curtain box, people can not see the pole itself easily.This kind of decoration means has been more and more behind The Times, being gradually phased out.

According to the material of curtain rod and the age of application in the market:

The early appearance of plastic, wooden products, and then the application of aluminum alloy, iron, zinc alloy products, until now the pure stainless steel materials and so on.

Two, the principle of choosing curtain rod

Specifically, it can be considered from the following aspects:

* Matching styles and colors

The choice of curtain rod is mainly the choice of color and style.Decorate according to household and curtain cloth the curtain rod of different color of advocate colour collocation, the curtain rod that chooses in addition wants to match with integral style photograph, make aesthetic feeling of bedroom integral colour is coordinated and consistent.For example, the household of most people is mainly given top place to with contracted style now, appropriate chooses the curtain rod with lively rhythm and simple lines.

* The taste of the host of the room

"See a little", average people is willing to observe another person from detail, bedroom adornment also is same.The choice of small curtain rod can reflect the taste of room host from one side;

* Function and use nature of the room

In addition to the convenience of the basic needs of Latin American view;Also according to the window edge shape to choose a special bend and functional ring bracket match, to meet the needs of different customers!