What kind of curtain rod, convenience is very important, blind choice will not be coordinated

First let us talk about how to choose the curtain rod?There are mainly two kinds of curtain rod in our daily application, one is the Roman rod, the other is the slide rail, the two kinds of it is more widely used from the scope of application, because it can do some radians.It's more convenient.And our Roman bar basically can only do that kind of straight line.

1, in terms of cost of the Roman bar price basically in the $10 to 30 yuan, and the slippery course of some and said he is typically more expensive collocation curtain box of window, you also know that now the wages are relatively expensive, tie-in curtain box of window to match some of condole top, so the overall price will vary a lot, please be sure to comprehensive to consider.Roman rod is named because it resembles ancient Roman architecture, and its shape is complex and magnificent.If you want to save money and look good, you can choose a minimalist Roman rod.

2. From the decoration effect, the decoration effect of the Roman rod is better than the slide rail, because the slide rail has some deficiencies in its appearance, so basically to make a curtain box in order to look beautiful.Now the smart home fire, intelligent curtain is also a good choice, intelligent curtain is generally used to hook the track.

3, from this daily use, the curtain is definitely our slide a little better.But when the slide rail outside cleaning will be more complex, not as simple as the Roman rod!

Generally speaking, the overall experience of this few years of decoration and this several aspects ah, basically we use the most or the Roman rod, he from the appearance of more concise and generous, use is also very convenient.