When is the best time to place an order with a Chinese supplier?

In this information age, it is believed that many purchasers will look for factories with high quality and low price through the Internet to reduce their purchasing costs. So when is the best time to place an order with a Chinese supplier? In what months can you get the best discount when you buy curtain rods? Let this article tell you!


When is the best time to place an order with Chinese suppliers?


There are so many factories in China, and you can find plenty of Chinese suppliers online for everything from big equipment to gadgets like manicures and false eyelashes. Choosing suppliers is a very important part, and the timing of purchasing from suppliers also affects your purchasing cost. Let me tell you some of the best times to get a low price.


1. After the Chinese Lunar New Year


After Chinese New Year festival, usually in February or March, you can tell when your suppliers will start work based on their emails.


A New Year starts. If you tell Chinese suppliers your purchase plan for the year at this time, I believe every Chinese supplier will be willing to offer you the most appropriate price. Then, you can avoid the impact of material unit price and other issues on the purchase cost. Because in China, the vast majority of suppliers pay attention to credit, even if the labor cost of materials keeps rising, they will complete production and delivery in accordance with the signed contract.


For our company Hangzhou Baihong Hardware Co., LTD., if customers place orders in this period, we will arrange the production plan of curtain rod and curtain rod accessories for customers for a year, so as to achieve timely production, timely delivery, and fulfill the customer contract. Meanwhile, this customer's curtain rod production plan is also our top priority. Even if there are many follow-up orders and production is busy, we will arrange priority production for customers who place orders in the New Year.


2. April and May, before the high temperature


If you missed out on the New Year as the best time to place orders, April and May are also a good time to place orders. After a period of resumption and adjustment, the production of Chinese suppliers has stabilized. At this point you choose to order, you can get a very balanced price.


The weather at this time is cooler, and the labor cost of workers is relatively stable, which can avoid high-temperature subsidies and other costs. In addition, the price of materials will be adjusted after the New Year, so you may be able to get the best price from the supplier when the price of materials is low.


For curtain rod manufacturers, summer is a busy time for production. But the heat of summer is relatively high, workshop workers need to increase the high-temperature subsidy. If you ask about the price in the summer, we will add the cost to the cost to cover the heating subsidy. If you order in April, you can avoid this part of the cost entirely.


3. August and September, getting ready for Christmas


In China, especially on Alibaba's international site, there is already a special shopping period for Christmas products, the Super September.


If you have Christmas shopping planned, September is the best time to do it. Three months is enough time to produce and ship the product, and if you participate in events such as large purchasing festivals, you can also enjoy discounts and full discounts from Chinese suppliers. September is coming soon, talk to your Chinese suppliers!

If you buy our curtain rod at our Alibaba International station during the purchasing festival, you can enjoy a coupon of $100 less than $10,000. The September shopping festival is coming soon, customers in need can go to our Alibaba international station to place orders, you are also welcome to leave a message on the website.


4. Make inquiries when raw material prices are low

If you know what the raw materials are for the products you purchase, you can be in a good position to get best price.

For example, curtain rods are mostly made of iron and aluminum. When iron and aluminum materials are reduced, suppliers' costs will also decrease. At this point, you can make an inquiry to the supplier and get a great price. So don't miss this opportunity.


Ordering time is a very important factor in getting the lowest price from Chinese suppliers. After reading this article, I believe you have a certain understanding of when it is better to place an order. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and find your Chinese supplier for an inquiry!