When should the curtain rod for home decoration be installed?


When you have a new home, every decoration process must be paid attention to. As basic home outfit enters end stage, believe you can begin to want to consider to install the matter such as curtain certainly. To ensure easy and stable curtain installation, you must install the curtain rod at the most appropriate time. So when is the right time? Which is the best curtain rod?


This article can solve these problems for you


1. Selection of curtain rod

People often pay attention to the choice of curtain, and ignore the choice of curtain rod. There are a variety of curtains on the market, and the same is true of curtain rods. If the quality and style of curtain rods are not appropriate, the final curtain effect is also worrying. Let's learn about the basic classification of curtain rod.


Classification 1: visible curtain rod vs invisible curtain rod

The curtain rod can be divided into visible and invisible according to whether it can be seen. The visible curtain rod is the color and decorative finials of the rod that can be seen. And the decorative effect is more prominent. Therefore, it can be seen that curtain rod installation has become more and more the main choice of curtain installation.

visible curtain rod

And invisible curtain rod is often placed in the curtain box, curtain box has two forms: one is the room has a ceiling, curtain box concealed in the ceiling, when the top ceiling is done together. Another kind is the room did not condole top, curtain box is fixed on the wall, cover with window frame to become a whole.

invisible curtain rod


Classification 2: Single rod vs double rod

According to the structure, curtain rod can be divided into single rod and double rod, or even multi rod. As the name suggests, a single rod can only hang one curtain, while a double rod can be installed on both sides, one side of the screen window, the other side of the thick curtain, easy to use. You can choose according to your own needs.

Single rod

double rod


Classification 3: Material of curtain rod

Curtain rod material to aluminum, iron, solid wood. Products made of different materials vary greatly in price, from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Curtain rods should be of good quality and beautiful appearance. Some inferior products are often easy to be broken, affecting the use, and even causing personal injury.


Aluminum curtain rod

Aluminum window rod is a common window rod material on the market. When choosing, focus on the wall thickness of the window rod. A good wall should be relatively thick in 1.5mm -2MM; See the design of pull ring next, poor window rod uses the pull ring of regeneration plastic, manufacturing process is rough.

Aluminum window rod


Solid wood curtain rod

Solid wood curtain rod is also more common, color diversity, according to the type can be divided transparent color and cover color two kinds, basically want to see the surface of the treatment, whether smooth, paint is uniform, decorative head shape is symmetrical, solid wood decorative rail with muffler and do not muffler two kinds. If you want to open and close a lot, select the one with a muffler bar.

Solid wood curtain rod


Iron curtain rod

Iron curtain rod surface treatment with spraying, electroplating. When choosing, we mainly check the quality of spraying and electroplating, the thickness of the steel plate of the installation frame, and the thickness of the pipe wall.

Iron curtain rod


2.Installation of curtain rod


There is little difference between the installation method of visible curtain rod and invisible curtain rod, which is basically in accordance with the process of assembly, positioning and fixing. Let's take a look at the general process and method of curtain rod installation.


The way the curtains are hung

Curtain rod is divided into hanging ring and no hanging ring. The curtain rod with the hanging ring is used to directly hang the curtain processed by the cloth belt, and the curtain is directly installed on the four-legged hook to hang up.

curtain rod with ring


And the curtain rod without hanging ring is mainly used to hang the curtain of punching processing or rod processing. The curtain rod with hanging ring needs to be ready before installation.

curtain rod without ring


Determine installation width and height of curtain rod

Before installation of curtain rod, its installation position should be determined first. Namely installation height and width.

The installation height of the curtain rod is different from the clear rod and the dark rod. It can be seen that the installation height of the curtain rod is in the middle position from the ceiling to the upper part of the window frame. The invisible curtain rod is at the top of the curtain box, or side installed in any part of the curtain box.


Positioning and punching

In consideration of the fastness, to avoid the spacing of the fixed parts is too large to withstand the tension, it is necessary to calculate the distance between the fixed holes, the general interval distance of the fixed parts is not more than 50cm, and then draw the line positioning. After setting the fixed installation position, drill holes and fill the expansion screws. If it is made of wood, there is no need to drill, and it can be fixed directly with self-tapping screws.


Install curtain rod

For the Roman rod, after the positioning hole is made, the mounting bracket can be fixed and the rod can be placed on the mounting bracket.

And if it is the curtain rail, then directly assemble the curtain rail with the side code or the top code fixed to the wall or ceiling.


3. Precautions for installation of curtain rod

Although the installation of curtain rod is a small matter, the perfect home decoration is formed by the accumulation of countless such small things. To ensure the installation effect, do not forget the following when installing the curtain rod.


Depending on the situation take different connection mode

If the wall is made of wood, simply fasten the screws that install the track directly to the fixed position of the wood.

If the wall is concrete, it is necessary to drill holes in the location with an electric drill, and then knock in the special nylon expansion tube, and then plug the screw into the special nylon expansion tube and tighten it.


Confirmation of installation firmness

The successful installation of the curtain rod depends on whether it can properly support the weight of the curtain. If the bracket is too small, the bracket may be easily damaged. On the other hand, the contact surface between the bracket and the wall is too small, and the number or size of the nuts will be limited, so that the installation of the curtain rod is easy to be unstable.


Ensure that the installation specification is level with the position

The length of the curtain rod should be greater than the width of the window cover to avoid light leakage; The installation of curtain rod should be horizontal, and if necessary, the installation of curtain rod should be monitored by ruler.



Selection of curtain rod installation timing

What is the best time to install a curtain rod? The best choice is to install the curtain rod after the soft installation of the new house or before the last cleaning. If the curtain rod is installed too early, it will fall on a thick dust, and the cleaning is done too late.


At the same time, the Roman pole is best equipped with curtains, and curtain rail can be installed in advance, what kind of track is considered to be installed when the best decoration.

If you are not sure how to install the curtain rod after reading this, you can click here to jump to the curtain rod installation tutorial:How to Install a Curtain Rod Easily?




Curtain rod is a very insignificant small accessory in home decoration. But this little accessory has its own knowledge. If you are in the process of installing curtain rods, I hope you found this useful.


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