Can't choose a way to hanging curtains? There are only two types!Curtain rod and curtain track!

Decorate inside the family, the installation of the curtain is indispensable. A good curtain can have sound insulation, a shading effect not only still can increase the appearance level of the indoor environment, but ornament also occupies the home atmosphere. But do you think choosing a good curtain fabric is the end of it? Of course not, the installation of the curtain is not simple, there is no curtain rod, the curtain also cannot play a role, so, the curtain is important, choosing a good curtain rod is more important.


Although curtain rod is very complex, there are only two types of curtain rod on the market: curtain rod and rail rod. As for the curtain box, it's just a box on the surface of the rail.


What curtain rod is better to hang a curtain with after all? In the choice of the curtain rod, many people are "half-informed". Today, we will talk about the choice of a curtain rod, hoping to help you.


Curtain rod

A curtain rod, also called the roman rod, named for its similar design style to Roman architecture, is a cylindrical horizontal rod with a diameter of about 4cm and a gourd-shaped shape at both ends.



1. Beautiful

A curtain rod is very artistic, so it is a more beautiful, very elegant atmosphere, has a good decorative, suitable for a variety of decoration styles, such as modern, Nordic, new Chinese style, etc., curtain rod can be perfectly held.


2. Convenient installation and easy disassembly

The installation of the curtain rod is relatively simple. Plan the height, length, and position well in advance, punch holes at both ends of the horizontal rod, and fix the installation. When disassembling a curtain rod, only need to screw out the fixed screw, can complete disassembly, also very simple.


3. Easy to clean

Curtain rod without too much complex design, very simple, cleaning is also very convenient, wipe clean with a cloth on the line.



1. The load-bearing capacity has limitations

The curtain rod only relies on a horizontal rod to bear the weight of the whole curtain after hanging the curtain. If the curtain is heavy, the rod body is easy to bend, and it will shift and fall over a long time.


2. Shape limitations

Curtain rod has a horizontal rod only, so cannot bend, once meet a corner, the window of strange shape, cannot install, be affected by metope bigger, the shape is limited somewhat.


3. Difficult to pull

The curtain rod mainly relies on the pull ring to connect the curtain, the friction between the hanging ring and the bar is large, people pull the curtain below, the direction of the force changes, the curtain pulling is inevitably not smooth, there will be a lag phenomenon.


4. Higher prices

The price of curtain rods is higher, the price between different materials also has the distinction, the most expensive wants 100 yuan/meter even, the cost-performance ratio is not high.



The curtain track

A track. It's just a slide to hang a curtain.



1. It's cheap

Compared with a curtain rod, the price of a slide rail is cheaper, although it is also calculated by meters, it is generally 6-50 yuan/meter, suitable for low consumers.


2. The shape is changeable

Because there is only one horizontal rod, the curtain rod is greatly affected by the wall and space and cannot be bent. When it comes to the corner, the window cannot be installed on special walls. But the rail bar has some flexibility, so it can handle different conditions.


3. Pull smoothly

The greatest advantage of the rail rod, it is certainly more smooth when pulling the curtain, because there is a slide, so it can minimize friction, avoid the sense of stagnation when pulling the curtain.



1. Inconvenient installation and disassembly

Rail rod the most headache, is certainly the installation, disassembly, cleaning trouble. To install the curtains, they had to be fastened to each pulley and unfastened one by one as they were dismantled.


2. Cleaning trouble

Want to clean the rail bar thoroughly? Then you have to disassemble each pulley and clean it one by one, which is troublesome.


3. It affects the appearance

In terms of beauty, the track is naturally not as good as the curtain rod. In addition to the easy ash accumulation, a small pulley is exposed outside, which makes it feel inferior.


By comparing curtain rods and tracks, it is not difficult to find that although curtain rod and track have their advantages and disadvantages, the advantages and disadvantages of both are just opposite. In the choice of a curtain rod, we can choose and buy according to their own needs, according to the layout of the home, have you learned?


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