How to hang a curtain correctly?

The curtain is a common nevertheless household thing, every family can buy the curtain to decorate his home, but the person that can hang the curtain correctly is very few however, see how to hang the curtain correctly together today!

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So, want to hang the curtain to resemble a stylist of professional software to be the same, some basic rules must know first, ability achieves better function and effect with inferior cost. And according to the experience of the expert, the key that installing curtain correctly the most important is the following:

1. Measurement

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Before buying curtains, get a tape measure and take a statistical measure of your window. This step is very important! Because you need to know floor-to-ceiling Windows, half-height Windows... Such size, to avoid paying a high price; The size information to be obtained includes


Size 1length of curtain rod


Key point: both sides of doors and windows are more than 10 to 15cm


The width of doors and Windows is measured mainly to confirm the length of the curtain rod. In principle, the length of the pole should give 20 to 30 centimeters more than the width of the door window again (left and right sides give 10 to 15cm more each), the purpose that does so has 2.



1. When opened, the curtain can be fully drawn to the sides to introduce ample daylight.

2. When closed, curtains can completely cover doors and Windows to avoid outside sight and prevent outdoor light from leaking in from both sides.

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Size 2width of the curtain

Key point: 75% of door and window width



In order to achieve a better degree of closeness, and consider the extra fabric needed for curtain folds, it is suggested that the width of each (single) curtain should be 75% of the width of doors and windows, the shielding effect will be good


Size 3height of curtain rod

Key point: the half or two-thirds between the top of doors and windows and the ceiling

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The location of the curtain rod installation is also exquisite! If it's too low, it looks like a strange proportion of space; On the contrary, if properly installed, it will help to raise the height of the story, relieve the sense of pressure, and make it more visually comfortable.


It is suggested that the location of the curtain rod should be based on half or two-thirds between the upper edge of the door and window and the ceiling, so as to create the illusion that the window and ceiling look higher.

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Size 4length of the curtain

Key points: the curtain rod from the ground distance plus 12 to 25cm length


Generally speaking, once the height of the curtain rod is confirmed, the curtain length can be roughly determined. But before you cut your cloth, there are a few caveats.


First, add another 12 to 25 centimeters of length to the curtain, which is used to make hanging rod pockets (suspenders); Next, also can add the length of cloth shade extra again according to dimensional style, take this to build formal, recreational or romantic atmosphere. The small proposal, if the relation of unclear space and curtain length, might as well refer to the Great think commonly used by the following stylist.


living room


In the living room between a formal and casual atmosphere, it is suggested that the lower edge of the curtain "just touches" the floor, presenting the effect of hovering on the ground. Small reminder, to achieve this effect perfectly, measurement should be more accurate, it is best to tailor.

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Dining room


If you have a lot of dinner at home, you need to create a relatively formal atmosphere for the restaurant. So on the choice of curtain length, suggest the lower place should give 5 to the length of 10 centimeters more, let the curtain have the feeling that a bit drags on the ground.

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Have a rest, the bedroom that Morpheus gives priority to, dimensional atmosphere should be as far as possible relaxed, recreational; Conventional for, length of bedroom curtain has 2 kinds of choice, the first kind is lower edge gives 1.5 to 3 centimeters more, after letting curtain lower place and floor contact present a bit "corrugate fold" about.

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The 2nd kind can increase the lower swing length to an amount of 15 to 40 centimeters, let the curtain bottom present a similar "sector", also resemble the state of a wedding dress, and add a romantic breath to the bedroom.

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To summarize simply, want to help install a practical and beautiful curtain that holds concurrently in the home, master please "measure is everything" principle, will talk about the detail such as color, design again later.


Tips: Curtain color

How should curtain color choose? There are a few simple principles to consider:

1. Modern and simple style: choose curtains that are close to or slightly darker than the wall color.

2. Elegant French style: Nude, taupe, and brown are good choices.

3. Comfortable non-printing style: light gray tone is preferred.


Common curtain style

After completing the measurement, you can then decide on the style, color, material, and how to use the curtain to achieve shading, and decorative effect. Share common curtain originality below.


Simple style curtain

Use horizontal pull cloth shade or lift shade no matter (roll shade, Roman shade), this kind of design should be priority with downy tonal, simple detail: for instance, color is given priority to with creaminess, cream, shallow gray, tie-in "cover annulus" installation means, build a clean, comfortable atmosphere.


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Modern curtain

This type of curtain is similar to a simple style, but details emphasize clear, definite lines, and contrasting colors. Among them, lines can be achieved through stiff fold design; As for color collocation, it will be presented by double curtain (curtain, gauze curtain) design, usually curtain with a deeper single color, and gauze curtain is mainly white.


Photo from/ pinterest/ Edilsa S,By the different colors of the double curtain, to achieve the contrast effect



Printed curtain

To create a visual focus for the space, using a floral curtain is a good choice; Common patterns include flowers and plants, geometry, lattice, animals, herringbone, and so on. Please note additionally, to avoid dispersive focus, the fittings of printing curtain simplify as far as possible or do not use, also should be given priority to in order to cover the simple installation means such as ring, condole belt.

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Country curtains

Comfort is the feeling of country style! Accordingly, might as well use to contain "drapery" pure color curtain, or it is the curtain of grid design, neuter tonal, draw the outline of a plain, relaxed dimensional atmosphere.

Need to remind additionally, the use area of grid curtain should not be too big, lest the visual focus that lets a space becomes dispersive; It is recommended to install in small Windows or less decorated Spaces.


Photo from/ pinterest/ Kwik-Hang® Curtain Rod Brackets,Lattice curtains are suitable for small Windows


Luxurious style curtain

Building the breath of space atmosphere costly, the choice of curtain material is about to pay special attention to. Generally speaking, velvet, silk material is the most favored; Secondly, in detail design, in addition to the installation of fan-shaped curtains, some will also help curtain edge or add pompoms, or even tassels.

But should remind everybody, use the curtain of detail-heavy and complicated, want to consider dimensional integral sex more, lest see dazzled, lose adornment effect instead.

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Bohemian curtains

If you love the national style, romantic unruly atmosphere, the curtain of Bohemian style should suit you very much. Generally, it uses neutral warm tones and details in knots, beading, embroidery, lace, tassels, lace, or ruffles, giving it a free and casual fashion.

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Cafe curtain

This kind of curtain style is very common in Euramerican family, and the small window that is installed in the kitchen normally, because this has again "kitchen curtain" say. Its function basically is to shade local light and have the action that decorates dimensional aesthetic feeling. The installation is very simple, only a telescopic rod plus a sling (ring) curtain.

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The Roman curtain

The horizontally folded Roman curtain, in addition to shading, allows doors and windows to maintain a clean, neat, and stylish appearance; it and the traditional curtain also can match each other, it is a kind of curtain with very high practicality.

When installing, it can be installed in and out of the window frame according to requirements. When installed in the window frame (inside), it can avoid covering the window side decoration or wall lamp; If installed outside the window frame, there is the effect of extending the height of the window and concealing the column, which indirectly makes the overall space appear larger.



Photo from/ pinterest/ Côté Maison,The Roman curtain can be matched with a horizontal curtain, to improve the function and decorative effect


The curtain is every family almost some cloth art software, but the result that presents and function differ greatly, however. So, if you are still in for curtain design, decorate effect, and fret, might as well refer to the afore-mentioned design, and should be able to find an appropriate curtain in the home.

The above content is for your reference, and please continue to pay attention to us.More welcome message share your curtain to decorate experience!