How to Select an Excellent Curtain Rod Supplier?

There is a growing interest in the curtain rod sales industry due to its wealth of opportunities. With curtain rods becoming a necessity in the market today, people are becoming more and more involved in the business as a result of the growing demand. But, do you really understand the curtain rod industry?

Obtaining an understanding of the industry provides a clear indication of whether to choose this particular business. The supplier plays an important role in a company's success. Are you aware of how to choose an excellent curtain rod supplier for your business? What criteria should be considered when choosing a best supplier, and what characteristics should they possess? The information in this article will help you answer all these questions!


1. Curtain Hardware's Market Share

2. Choosing the Right Curtain Rod Supplier

3. Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Curtain Rod Supplier

4. What Makes Hangzhou Baihong the Best Supplier


Curtain Hardware’s Market Share

The curtain hardware industry enjoys a wide market all around the world. The United States and China both hold major shares in the world markets. Data collected in 2019 shows that US revenue totaled $1,259.37 Million, while China earned $858.7 Million, corresponding to market shares of 25.83% for the US, and 17.61% for China. For Germany, France, and Italy, the market share was respectively 5.29%, 4.97%, and 3.48%.  Together, all five countries account for half of the global market share. The global curtain hardware market overall in 2019 was $4,875.61 Million, which is forecasted to grow to $6,634.09 Million by 2026. Furthermore, curtain hardware will grow at a compound annual rate of 4.83% from 2020 to 2026.

Annual market share of curtain rod

There are many different kinds of curtain hardware, including curtain rails, curtain rods, and other accessories. Among these, curtain rails and curtain rods are the most popular, each with pros and cons. Curtain rods make your drapes look more beautiful, while curtain rails are easier to use. As indicated by the data collected in 2019, curtain rods occupy 63.0% of the market, while curtain rails make up only 25.4%.  

Buying curtain hardware is possible in three ways:

●     Departmental Store/Supermarket

●     Specialty Store

●     Online Retail

Supermarkets represented 42.58% of the total sales in 2019, specialty shops represented 45.5%, and online retail represented 11.87% of total sales in 2019.

Data indicates the market for curtain hardware and curtain rods has great prospects with substantial growth potential. In addition, it implies that a wide range of products is available in the sales industry, from curtain rails to curtain rods.


Choosing the Right Curtain Rod Supplier

A successful curtain rod business begins with selecting an excellent supplier. Good suppliers ensure that products and services are delivered on time, quality standards are upheld, and you receive the most competitive prices. In addition, make sure they value their customers, are competent enough to understand your position and are highly responsive.


Establish Your Criteria

Put together a checklist of standards and things you want your curtain rods suppliers to meet. Take into account the following points.

Reasonable Prices:  Set price criteria and be sure the supplier has the quality products at the reasonable prices.

Standards of Communication: The supplier must be responsive, and the communication should run smoothly

Conditions of Payment: Think about all the ways you can pay for your purchase.

Preferable lead time: Consider the amount of time between placing an order and receiving the merchandise.

Order Quantity: Define the quantity of curtain rods you wish to order at a time.

QA processes: Evaluate your seller's process for ensuring product quality.

Return Policy: The return policy should be made clear for both you and your supplier.

Having the criteria set up before you choose curtain rod suppliers will allow you to make sure that no essential requirement is overlooked and you compare potential suppliers based on all the above mentioned factors.

Meanwhile, you might want to determine what criteria are flexible and what are essential. Finding a curtain rod supplier who fulfills all of the criteria you set forth may be difficult. It is therefore ideal to know which characteristics are expendable and which ones can prove detrimental to your search for a curtain rod supplier.


Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Curtain Rod Supplier

The Number of Years in Business

What is the number of years your curtain rod supplier has been in business? When selecting an excellent supplier, this is an important factor to consider. The business’s experience makes it more reliable. If a supplier has been in the market a long time, he knows the business better and all the ins and outs.

Yours and the Supplier's Objectives are the Same

When evaluating whether or not they are right for you, it is totally acceptable to ask about the supplier's goals, objectives, mission, and values. When your supplier's objectives match your own, it is a sign that you will be able to partner successfully. There is a possibility that a conflict somewhere in the middle can arise in a partnership due to differences in values, mission, or overall goal.

Learn About the Supplier Types

In the curtain rod industry, different types of suppliers are available, including wholesalers, distributors, importers, and manufacturers. You will need to identify what each of these kinds of categories is, and how you will handle them differently. For example, a manufacturer manufactures curtain rods and then sells them to you, while a distributor acts as a middleman between buyers and the manufacturer. You can use this information for negotiating, establishing contracts, and working with curtain rod suppliers.


It is important to consider whether you could build a long-term relationship with your prospective curtain rod supplier, as this may result in preferential treatment and cheaper prices in the future. Language and culture may play a significant role, but most importantly, meeting your supplier in person is essential.  

Be On the Lookout For Future Changes

Make sure that your service contract allows you to make changes without being restricted by rigid terms and conditions when you choose a supplier. For Instance, in your service contract, you must be able to discuss discounts, address complaints, and enforce standards. Avoid signing a long-term contract as you will be bound by the terms and will not have the opportunity to negotiate further on price and other factors.


Characteristics of an Excellent Curtain Rod Supplier

When you work with an excellent curtain pole supplier, you can meet the standards of your customers without sacrificing the quality of the goods. A suitable supplier can provide your business with many benefits, such as increased business values, additional discounts and services, as well as excellent customer service. The process will not only make things easier for you, but you will also be able to get the right supplies for your business.

The suitable curtain rod supplier must have the following characteristics:


Having a curtain rod supplier who takes responsibility for its mistakes makes the process of supplying curtain poles more convenient. It is possible to face a quality problem from time to time, and you don't want the supplier to shirk responsibility because it will be costly for you.

When dealing with suppliers, avoid those who try to blame other parties, such as product inspectors. Outstanding suppliers take responsibility for the defective products and create process adjustments in order to prevent such errors from happening again, such as compromising quality and producing errors.


A perfect curtain rod supplier must be reliable. A reliable supplier is one who provides you with your supplies on schedule. You must verify that the supplier has the required personnel and equipment to meet your needs. You can determine if the supplier can deliver the supply on time by visiting their factory in person.


It is important that the curtain pole supplier you choose to work with be a professional in their respective field since it is vital to your business. Choose someone who is skilled and experienced in making curtain rods. A supplier that already supplies products to other clients in your market is a good sign since they have a better understanding of the market.

Provide your supplier with the following questions to ensure they are professional in their work.

-What is their source of raw material for curtain rods?

-Do they possess the required certifications?

-Do they have experience with similar products?

-Are they aware of the rules and regulations?


Being ethical is an essential trait for a curtain rod supplier. A supplier with good moral standards is, of course, the right one to pick for your business. They adhere strictly to the social compliance standards during the supply process. You should never work with a supplier who has a bad reputation and doesn't care about moral ethics.

Continuous Improvement

An excellent supplier continuously improves their standard and quality. They realize their shortcomings and strive to overcome them. It is imperative that a great supplier understands they cannot compromise on quality.


  What Makes Hangzhou Baihong the Best Supplier  

A good curtain rod supplier makes business operations much easier. If your supplier possesses all of the above attributes, you are in the right place. Hangzhou Baihong Hardware Co., Ltd. provides curtain rods to more than 10 countries including the United States, France, Germany, Canada, Sri Lanka, and many others. The quality of its goods is excellent, and communication is easy. In addition to a wide variety of curtain rods, Baihong Hardware offers quality goods and services for reasonable prices, timely delivery of products, as well as flexible return policies and convenient transportation.  

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With over 23 years of experience, the company is professional in their field, understands all the ethical values, and strives to improve its services continuously over time. Furthermore, Baihong provides flexibility in the service contract, understands the customer’s goals, and supports a healthy relationship. You should select Hangzhou Baihong Hardware Co., Ltd. as your supplier if you are looking for great quality at a reasonable price.