What are the types of curtain tiebacks? How should we choose curtain tiebacks?

Curtain tieback is simply used to fix the curtain.When picking a curtain, what we pick is mostly the color and design of the curtain , few friend can notice the curtain tieback or curtain binding. Curtain tieback regards the curtain as necessary one part, having irreplaceable effect. Simple curtain becomes more beautiful after adding curtain tieback.


Present life is more and more delicate, we pay attention to on home decor. The requirement of practicality is higher and higher, pay attention to detail more and more. Modelling is elegant and distinctive curtain tieback the degree that takes welcome is higher and higher, the tieback of different type can decorate the curtain, add a few adornments appropriately.


Curtain tieback type

Hangzhou Baihong Hardware co., Ltd. as a factory specializing in the production of curtain rod, but also has a variety of curtain tieback products. Look together the most popular curtain tiebacks today


According to the fixed way, it can be divided into:


Fixed type - The tiebacks are fixed on the curtain

Use the same fabric as the curtain rod directly to make the tieback, or use another good-looking tiebacks, and tie the curtain together.


Fixed type - Tiebacks are fixed to the wall

Add what outfit good-looking on the wall is fixed buckle, tieback to fasten go up in the curtain buckle, perhaps hang the curtain on the curtain hook directly. The second type of banding requires concealment.



Material of curtain tieback

The curtain tiebacks belt to differ according to qualitative material, still can divide into the following a few kinds, metal, fabrics, rope kind.


Metal curtain tieback

Metallic curtain tieback is the most good-looking tieback, metal can make it a variety of diversiform grain is acted the role of, you still can match similar curtain tieback according to the head of curtain rod. Metal curtain straps also have the advantage of ruggedness, albeit at a slightly higher price.


Rope type curtain tieback

Rope kind curtain tieback is the choice of most families, this kind of curtain tieback design is numerous, color is rich, good-looking tieback still can match condole pendant, tassel to wait for adornment, very beautiful. Of this kind tieback needs you to take carefully choose, can have very good effect with curtain collocation.

Cloth curtain tieback

Cloth curtain tieback is the one that can DIY most, you can buy a few cloth more when buying curtain. You can also use old clothes for transformation. This is a very economical and environmentally friendly way to fasten curtains. Of course you also can buy the curtain to tieback on the market, simple design price can be cheaper.


Although tieback is small, but the tieback that just is style differs decided the curtain to have accent, host whether have grade, delicate tieback, include bird, flowers and plants, tassel drops, the curtain like artwork is bound belt, decorated the curtain, can be whole household graces many, this also is the mind place of a lot of stylist is good.


The curtain tieback still has a lot of design, above is common a few big categories, we might as well be in such small act the role of article in, great increase surprise, improve life grade, let our life rich and colorful. If you are interested in curtain tieback, please contact us to know the style and price of curtain tieback.